Toaster Wars Problems

Toaster Wars: Going Rogue, Episode 1 — Appliance Rescue Team

Oh, sweet, they made a spinoff game to Toaster Wars! That last room has a lot of flags in it though. I wonder which is the right one...? Check it out here.
I think this game is running on a Node.js server. If it's configured poorly, you may be able to access the server's source. If my memory serves me correctly, Node servers have a special file that lists dependencies and a start command; maybe you can use that file to figure out where the other files are?

Toaster Wars: Going Rogue, Episode 2 — Explorers of Toffee, Donuts, and Sugar

Given the relative success of the first release, it was no surprise that a second installment in the TW:GR series was released. I can't beat this one either, though... those darn spatulas put an induction cooktop in the floor so I can't get to the flag! Can you get it for me? You can play the game here.
Toasters can't go through induction cooktops because they're made of metal. However, it looks like there's a nice, friendly spatula on the last floor; and better yet, he's made of rubber! I'm sure he could be persuaded to go pick up the flag and bring it back to you.

Toaster Wars: Going Rogue, Episode 3 — Garnish to Infinity

Many think the third entry in the Toaster Wars: Going Rogue series didn't live up to Explorers due to its simplified gameplay, but I liked the new plot and ensemble cast better. Anyway, this one also has a flag that I can't figure out how to get...
Clearly, you can't get to the flag. But perhaps you don't need to go over to it at all?

Toaster Wars: Going Rogue, Episode 4 — Super Toaster Wars

Many saw the fourth installment of Toaster Wars: Going Rogue as a return to grace after the relative mediocrity of the third. I'm just glad it was made at all. And hey, they added some nifty new online scoreboard features, too!
Ooh, what a nifty scoreboard! If we get a bunch of people playing at once, we can have a race through the dungeon!

Toaster Wars: Going Rogue, Episode 2.5 — 20000 Leagues under the Sink

I'd heard of the weird region-specific edition of TW:GR, but I didn't know they were planning on bringing it to the masses. And as a neat online game, no less! They just put out a public beta.

Part I (225 pts): I found a locked box in Undersea Cavern once... and I think I saw a key in Calm Crystal Reef somewhere? Can you break the lock?

Part II (300 pts): Based on the site, there's a dungeon called Shallow Sand Bar that's only open to players from their closed alpha. Surely that won't stop you from getting the flag at the end of that dungeon.

Part III (450 pts): The boss at the end of Treacherous Trench, the Golden Spatula, is a jerk. Show him what you're made of and grab the flag!